Made it!

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August 7 – Got to the Olympic Village finally.  We had a 14 hour flight from Washington DC to Beijing.  That was after we had a night game the night before against Canada.  We beat them in 7 innings and then I started the 8th inning and struck the first guy out and then broke the next guy’s bat as he grounded out to short.  Casey Weathers got the final out.  The 8th inning didn’t count but we were just getting some work in.  Then that next morning at 4:30 and bused 5 hours to D.C.  It wasn’t that bad, really.  We watched a couple of movies and dozed in and out for the the whole trip.
Once aboard the plane I planned on sleeping but couldn’t get comfortable.  Instead I watched episodes of “The Office,” and read a lot.  I was sitting next to Brandon Knight and it was good to talk to him and get to know him.  We talked a lot about grips and pitching but we also found out we knew some of the same guys as well.  He had played with a couple former ‘Huskers and was asking me about them.  The guys he was asking about were ones that had left before I got to Nebraska.  It’s just good to finally start to know some of our teammates on a different level.
After 14 hours we landed in Beijing and started our process of getting checked in.  Of course we went through customs and what not but it was pretty easy due to the lines that were for Olympic athletes.  Once we got our baggage we were escorted to our bus and headed out to the Village.  Everything and everyone has been very accommodating and helpful.  The Village is a very nice place and there are tons of athletes.  I am excited to try and meet some of them.  Maybe give my German speaking skills a little work.  Then again probably not.


Tonight we have a practice game against China and then that’s all I know of.  I am looking forward to Opening Ceremonies tomorrow night.  We can see all of the buildings from the Village and they are spectacular.  China has done a great job of preparing for the games.



Great blog. Good luck in the Olympics!
Check out my blog – “The Hot Corner” –

Brian – Glad to hear that the team arrived in China. I’m
sure it’s the longest road trip of your life! Worth every
mile – I guess your lap top survived the trip too. It’s
great to hear that the sights are spectacular-take care
stay healthy, get some rest, and kick butt!

Very cool stuff. I’d like to hear how the Chinese team looks. I like to think that my days in China had something to do with them getting the feel for baseball. Here’s a story I posted earlier this year detailing my zen-like teachings of the grandest game on earth:

USA USA USA – Hey Brian – I have enjoyed reading your
comments from all angles. I know you guys are very
busy – but just wanted to share how excited you already
know – we can’t help feeling! It’s a blast and nerve
wrecking at the same time – right? COUNTDOWN here on
the west coast 4 hours till Opening Ceremonies broadcast. It’s kinda like waiting for all the holidays conjoined on one very spectacular – amazing – out of this
world Exploding Evening ! ! ! I know I will cry as I
already have by reading from your previous statements
of your own personal experiences. We are all so very proud of our guys in Red – White- Blue ! STAND TALL !!

BD, so glad you made it safe and sound. I believe we caught a glimpse of you at opening ceremonies. Can’t wait to see you. Stay focused and do what the USA knows how to do….Bring home the GOLD!!

See you in a few days

Brian, How awesome was it to be there for the opening ceremonies?! You’ve got a huge following back here and a lot of people are keeping up with you through your blog. Last weekend was a blast! Enjoy your time in China and bring home the GOLD! Can’t wait to get together again when you get back! GO USA! Denise & Dick

bd got the schedules and will be watching daily. its now your time to shine. arkansas rob

Way to go Brian! Congratulations and have a super time!! We’re so excited and proud to be watching you. Thanks for the blog – should be fun reading about your activities. (I’m thinking great Xmas card material!) Marjean, Jay, Alex & Andrew

Awesome blog! They picked the right character for this assignment. Good luck Rusty, Millard South Baseball is proud off you! Good luck!
(Coach Longe a.k.a. The Razors Edge)

Good Luck Brian! Your either first or your last! (Emily Longe-4) Em really wants to know if Lisa got to go with you.

Brian, The folks back home here in Marysville are so proud of you. Your Dad and I were classmates and we lived across the street from each other all our lives. My daughter Emily (age 14) is just crazy about the Olympics! Her questions to you are, “Have you been able to see any of the sights while you are there? , “Is the weather and air quality bothering you?” “Was the opening of the games as fantastic as it looked?” Good luck! Go for the Gold! Enjoy the moment! Gayla,Pat and Emily

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