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Waiting for the games to begin

August 12, 2008
It has been a couple days since the Opening Ceremonies here and there isn’t that much to report. We had another game against China but we just weren’t that into it. I can definitely tell we are just ready to start playing. All this practicing and what not is getting old. 
However, the President was at our game and that was really cool. I think he only stayed for an inning or two but he took pictures with us and talked to us a little bit. I felt like he just wanted to have a normal conversation about sports. He asked me where I was from and when I told him I was from Nebraska he said “You know I am a Longhorn right?” But then of course he brought up Alex Gordon and Joba Chamberlain.  I just cant get away from those two.  Even in the USA Baseball programs – our bio stuff in there mentions Gordon and Joba, tough draw I guess. I did get a picture with the President and it’s a good one too.  He is looking one way and I am looking the other. It’s perfect.
I have been able to venture off of the village recently. We went to the Silk Market, which is a six story building that sells knock-off stuff and you basically negotiate with them and try and get it as cheap as you can.  While I was there I bought two suits and each came with a dress shirt. However, the suits and shirts are custom made for me. So that is pretty cool.  I also bought a couple of watches and a belt. But they have everything from golf clubs to electronics, watches to jeans, and even luggage. I will definitely have to take my dad there because in his world everything is negotiable, and he will tell you that too. Speaking of negotiating, I was hanging out with Lou, one of our catchers, while we were there and I tell you what, he is a dealing machine.  It was so much fun to watch him work with the people selling him the stuff. They would get so mad at him but he would just keep laughing and smiling. He got everything he wanted at his price though.
I am excited today because it is the last day before the first game. We have just a light workout at about 5 and then we are good to go. Also, we actually saw sunshine today and it wasn’t humid either.  It gave me the feeling of a college football Saturday.  Its about that time of year.