First Game of the Medal Rounds

August 22, 2008

Well tonight is our first game of the medal rounds. It is a must win in order to have a chance at gold. We play Cuba and they are going to be really tough. But you have to beat the best in order to be the best. Haven’t really done much since our last game. My family and I were at the softball gold medal game. It was a fun game to watch but I just felt for the USA girls because I feel like they deserved that gold more than anybody. You could tell they were heartbroken. They played a tough game. I am upset about what happened at the game too.  It was supposed to rain so they handed out ponchos to everybody. Well, when it rained, I put my poncho on.  When I got home I realized that my yellow poncho bled onto my jeans. If they are ruined I am going to be very mad. 
On a different note, I am really nervous about tonights game. I know we can beat these guys but I am really tired of close games. I swear I am aging incredibly fast out here due to the emotional roller coaster this Olympics have been. We will have to see how it goes.


  1. blained

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